Salmon is an awesome fish. Every nutrition is there. Saturated fat, cholesterol (YES, your body needs some of it!), protein, vitamin B-12, and vitamin B-6. However, we really depend on our fishmonger to fillet our salmon. Do you know that filleting it by yourself is surprisingly easy? You just need the fish (obviously, duh), super sharp knife, and a cutting board. Slow jazz is recommended, hehe.

How to Fillet Your Salmon

How to Fillet Your Salmon

Follow our video here to do it yourself.

1. Choose the tail portion. It contains less fishbone and easier to fillet.
2. Make sure your knife is REALLY SHARP. It will help you tremendously!
3. Some people tell you to throw away the skin. DON’T! Salmon skin is healthy and delicious to eat.

We usually use this lovely fish for our baby’s food. Check the video here.

Now you know how to fillet your delicious fish. Have you learned something new? Let’s discuss your own method here!

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