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Samsonite Spinner 55/20 Review

Samsonite suitcase is one of the most luxurious brands in Indonesia, and they have just announced their newest type, Spinner 55/20. Let’s check it out how it looked like, what is its features, what is the benefit for you, and how much it costs.

Additional Food Nutrition for Toddlers

Nutritional food is SUPER important for your toddler(s). However you buy it or not, you should always remember that your toddler(s) need carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fibres. Check this video for our very simple recipe for your toddler(s) menu!

Fried Chicken with Turmeric and Herbs

Fried Chicken is a very common recipe in the world. However, Indonesia is really famous for its herbs and spices. One of the most used spices in Indonesia is TURMERIC. Let’s check it out how you can combine it with the original fried chicken recipe!

Marina Bay Sands Singapore Hotel Review

This is a very prestigious hotel, for Indonesian, even for Singaporean. They have a super stunning scenery, high-class room, and a marvellous pool on top of it. Check our video to take a peek into this hotel without spending any money. Let’s go!


Senjata Baru Buat Mami Blogger – ASUS ZENBOOK

Senjata Baru Buat Mami Blogger – ASUS ZENBOOK

Jadi seorang mamak adalah sebuah perjuangan. Apalagi kalo nyambi jadi seorang youtubers, blogger, dan juga seorang Instagrammers! Ga kebayang dong segimana rempongnya ngurusin dua anak bayi yang masih kecil-kecil, bapaknya anak-anak yang ikutan jadi anak kecil, plus...

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