Awita Family

Awita family is a very simple family of four. Consists of one exhausted yet happy mother, the most handsome guy in the house, the father, and two very beautiful and cheerful daughters.

This is our blog, our sanctuary, to share all of our stories with you. We will share our random stories about our family, our SECRET recipes, the parenting issues, relationship tips, family-friendly hotel and resort reviews, food reviews, and other knick-knacks that might fit into our family.

A little bit information about the FATHER, Aji Wibowo. He is a full-time sales engineer in a German company. As a result of his sales training, he also a very good sales, and if you are lucky, he will pitch his sales call to you for anything besides you. Almost everything can be pitched by him to you. He would try to sell me an emergency lamp + fan in the ACE HARDWARE, and to be honest, I was tempted to buy that stuff.

About the MOTHER, a.k.a. me, Yunita, is that I am still working full time as a marketing executive in a Chinese company. I am a very passionate employee, willing to do 110% for everything being tasked to me, and strive for perfection for it. 

Our daughters, Adeline Stella and Amanda Isabelle are our everything. Everything we do, we do it for them.

We have another project Batam Dine, but we might integrate it into this website soon. Stay tuned!


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