Baby Blues Syndrome – What is That and How to Prevent It

July 31, 2018

Your baby is in your side. Hours of war and pain has been paid off. Your kid sleeps soundly. Happiness should be inside your mind. But it’s not. Emptiness, hopelessness, depressed is there instead. You felt miserable. Ever felt that way? You are suffering from the psychological issue called Baby Blues Syndrome.


According to Birdem Medical Journal, women have higher depression rate compared to men. Biological, life cycle, hormonal are few of the culprit. Many research proves that hormones affect the brain chemistry that controls emotions and mood.

So what is baby blues syndrome? When the mother has delivered their kid, they felt empty. Instead of happiness, they feel exhausted, unhappy. Sometimes you can also feel apprehensive, despondent, sobbing uncontrollably. Depressed, unable to digest the food, irritated, blame themselves are also some symptoms that you can see.

About 60-85% of the pregnant mother experiences baby blues syndrome. Most of the time, it only lasts a few days and treatment is not needed. But should you find your spouse or someone you know are suffering from this syndrome for a very long time, you should seek help! Without proper preparation, baby blues syndrome can develop into a much dangerous psychological state, Post Natal Depression (PND) or Post Partum Depression (PPD).

Baby Blues Syndrome - What is That and How to Prevent

Baby Blues Syndrome – Depression, Sadness, Hopelessness


There are some ways to prevent baby blues syndrome. We will discuss just three of it, while there may be many ways out there. First, the family should be there for the mother. According to Tia Gutira (2010), the family is the most important part to help the mother. Family support will give the mother her much needed comfort. The husband should be there with her. Support her, comfort her, help her with anything she needed. Positive vibes around the mother will tremendously help her away from the baby blues syndrome.

Enjoy Your Time with Your Baby - Embrace Him/Her !

Enjoy Your Time with Your Baby – Embrace Him/Her!

Second, enjoy your parenthood. According to studies, some mothers were not really ready to be a mother. They are afraid. They feel guilty if their kid is not developing well. Our suggestion is, enjoy the moment! When you feel that way, always remember that everything happens for a reason. You have been blessed with a baby. Embrace your baby, love her, play with her. Seek help to your husband should you have to do anything else. He should be there for you. Or your parents. Or your best friend. Our point is, always make sure you have someone to tell about your feeling. That way, you will feel much better when you feel depressed.

Third, pray. We are by no means a religious family, but when you feel any hopeless feeling, pray according to your religion is one of the best ways to overcome the feeling. Tell your God about your feeling. Let Him hear you. As we told you in a second way, everything happens for a reason. God has trust in you. You are the chosen one. You and your spouse is the guardian of that small creature. Instead of depressed, you should be proud.

We hope this article will help you understand about it and how to prevent it. Do you have any stories about your parenthood? Suffered from baby blues syndrome? Share your stories here and discuss with us!



Uddin, Khwaja Nazim. “Depression-let s Look!.” BIRDEM Medical Journal 7, no. 2 (2017): 84-89.


By Yunita

Aku adalah seorang istri dan ibu dua anak yang suka banget sharing tentang tips parenting, resep masakan yang mudah dan enak, review perlengkapan dapur, dan juga tips travelling bersama keluarga.

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  1. Chai Loekman

    Thank you sista for your information… 🙂

    • Yunita Yap

      Anytime! When you have a wife, please make sure you are always there for her. 😉

  2. Jike Hariyaningsih

    Let our loved ones know what we need and how we’d like to be supported is better than isolating ourselves when we’re feeling depressed and vulnerable.
    Because every mom deserves to be happy! make sure we’re in a supportive, non-judgmental new mom’s group and we’re surrounding ourselves with friends and others we can be “real” with.

    • Yunita Yap

      Cannot agree more, mba Jike. 🙂

  3. Zacka Mega

    aku baru tahu lo mbak ada Syndrome seperti ini. bacanya aja aku udah dagdigdug. makasih banget infonya mbak. bermanfaat sekali

    • Yunita Yap

      Hehehe, dan sindrom ini lebih umum dari yang dibayangkan. Makanya nanti kalo uda punya istri harus yang super sayang sama doi. 😉

  4. wenny prihandina

    Saya sempat kena babyblues syndrome kak. Engga tau kenapa, tanpa disadari langsung kena begitu. Padahal pas hamil sudah mewanti-wanti diri biar enggak kena .. tapi.. yah.. begitulah. mungkin karena pengaruh hormon juga kali ya …

    • Yunita Yap

      Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! Yang penting selalu ada di sekitar orang yang mencintai kita, jadi pada saat kambuh sindromnya, ada yang bisa nguatin. 🙂

  5. dananwahyu

    dan solusinya tetap ya dukungan orang2 sekitar makanya nggak gampang ya hamdan itu, nggak cuma terjadi perubahan fisik tapi juga emosi paska melahirkan

  6. Citra

    Awal dengan baby blue aku pikir apaan gitu.. rupanya kasus piskiolog ibu pasca melahirkan ya… Great info to share sist jd Makin ngerti

  7. arreza mp

    thank you for this lovely information about baby sindrom, enligth me with pray and parenthood, hopefully my baby will always be happy

    thank you sis

  8. ruziana

    Adek sy pernah kena
    Dia sering nangis sendiri
    Katanya takut ga bisa urus anak
    Untung didampingi suami yg ngerti jd ga berlarut


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