Yes, you heard it right, dirt is good for your kids! Many parents will make sure their kids are squeaky clean. They use hand disinfectant for their kids… excessively!

Dirt is Good for Kids

Ultra Clean Kids is Actually Bad for Themselves

Yes, those products are good. But, is that necessary? I and my hubby were born into this world without those items. Guess what, we are now in a good shape, healthy, without any major health issue! We use soap, shampoo, and any other product when we are taking bath. We NEVER use hand disinfectant though. Never think those products are necessary for us!

Our personal experience with someone who tried to make their kids clean proved otherwise. Their kids suffer from various diseases, prone to influenza, fever, etc. Our kids, however, are healthy compared to them. Never get any serious diseases, and never be the one who got the cold.


According to Thom McDade (Robert Channick, 2010), “It raises the intriguing possibility that higher levels of exposure to infectious microbes early in life may, in some way, protect you against cardiovascular disease.” It explicitly told us that if your kids are exposed to the dirty stuff early in life, they have more possibility to be healthier than the one who doesn’t.

According to Mary Ruebush, Ph.D. in Immunology (CBS, 2009), “failure to expose your children to normal environmental things causes the immune response to turn inward on itself.” She also said explicitly that if you make your child too clean, they cannot develop their immune better than the other kids that expose to the normal environment.

Mary Ruebush, Ph.D. also said that “Development of allergies and what we called auto-immune disease is clearly related to the increase in cleanliness in our society.” We can safely conclude that if you are not exposing your children to the normal environment, they have a bigger chance to develop certain allergies. Make your own conclusion, is that good, or bad?

Kid Playing without Worry

Kid Playing without Worry



So what can we do as parents? We should let our kids play. Let them enjoy their time exploring the world. Let them play with their imagination. But still, remember to vaccine your kids! It is heartbreaking when we see Difteri is spreading again in Indonesia! Ancient disease that should has been eradicated, but somehow rises again due to anti-vac movement. Vaccine your kids! You are not only put your kid in danger, you are putting people around that kid in danger too.

Do you agree with us? Or do you have any other point of view that might be missing in this article? Let us know in the comment form below!


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