Encourage Your Kid... Don't Shush Them!

Sssshhhh… Don’t be noisy!

Encourage your kids to tell stories is super important. Let them tell what they feel, let them tell what they think. Many parents are too busy with their own activities that they don’t have any time to spend to hear what their kids want to say. Some parents are even shushing their kids when they talked too much!

When you are not spending enough time with your kids, they will feel abandoned, forgotten, even devastated!


You might have listened to your kids, but are you a good listener? Many parents are too quick to judge their kids based on what their story is.

Kid: Mom, today I went to play with John and other friends!

Mom: Oh no, why did you play with John? You should not play with him! He is naughty!

Kid: No mom, we play with a lot of friends, not only him.

Mom: Doesn’t matter, if you are going to play, you should not play with them. This is final.

Simple example, but this is what might happen every day in our life. Even if you don’t like John, for example, don’t tell them directly. When your kids are telling something, we might judge them, and most of the time we say bad things about it. If you want to be a good listener, you should ask a question to make them tell more about their story. For example:

Kid: Mom, today I went to play with John and other friends!

Mom: That must be fun! Who else is playing with you?

Kid: We played with John, Lisa, Helen, and Jack.

Mom: That’s great. What kind of games did you guys playing?

Kid: We had fun, but John is quite naughty. He pulled Helen’s hair two times!

Mom: Well, you should be careful with him then. If you feel he is being naughty to you, let your teacher know.

Kid: Okay mom!

The idea of this conversation is that you don’t judge and stop your kids from telling the story. Let it flow instead and make your point in an appropriate time.


When your kids are telling you their stories, please always listen seriously. That way you can see if they are in a dangerous situation, or they need something but might be too afraid to say it out loud.

This is one story that we heard a few months ago, from our foreign friend:

I work at foster care, and I can tell you some horrible stories about bad parent. One kids told his mother that he was molested by his step-dad and his step-brother, and his mother blatantly laughed at him. After a few minutes after his mother left, I asked him whether his story was true and he told me the most horrible things that kids can tell. I will not tell you what or how, but I almost threw out.

Our conclusion, please always be a good listener to your kids. You should not be judgemental. Listen to your kid seriously. Be wise and react accordingly.

Have you been a good parent? We hope you are, because we are always learning to be good parents too! Have any story to share? Let us know in the comment form below!

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