Asian Games 2018 – Biggest Sport Events in Asia | We Have Full Optimism for This!

July 21, 2018

Asian Games 2018 will be officially started just 28 days from now. Indonesia is going to be the host of this SUPER MASSIVE EVENT! Our athletes have been preparing themselves really hard for days, months, maybe even years for this event only. Our athletes will be sure to tell us that they are REALLY CONFIDENT they can win this! Do we share the same optimism about it?

First Asian Games - New Delhi 1951

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Before we talk about the optimism, it will be the best if we know a little history about Asian Games. According to GO UNESCO, New Delhi is the very first city to host Asian Games. Indonesia was one of the contestants, and from there we never miss a single event. We have to be super proud about that. If we can feel proud because small little things like our daughter, you should be proud of our country as well!

Asian Games Jakarta Palembang 2018


Did you know that Indonesia is not the intended host for this Asian Games 2018? YEP, you heard it right! Asian Games 2018 was intended to be hosted by Vietnam, in Hanoi. However, due to monetary crisis, they withdrew themselves as the host for this event. After some consideration, Olympic Council of Asia choose Indonesia due to our very good infrastructures, transportation availability, and great accommodation facilities.

From that point only, we can safely assume that since 2014 our country has been regarded highly by the OCA. They also consider us as an ideal candidate for the host of Asian Games. From this point, we can also safely say assume that we are READY, and we have the right amount of OPTIMISM to be a very good host for this event.

Indonesia has a LOT of talented athletes from all across branches. Some of them are Eko Yuli Irawan and Sri Wahyuni from Weightlifting, Elga Kharisma Novanda from Cycling, Larasati Gading from Horseback Riding, and many more! They should be able to snatch Gold Medal, due to their experience and their athleticism. We also have a lot of dedicated coaches and mentors for the athletes. They already working hard to make sure the athletes are ready!


Indonesia's Medal Achievement 1994-2014

Indonesia’s Medal Achievement from 1994 – 2014

Since twenty years ago, Indonesia are always able to get at least 20 gold medals, and we have a VERY POSITIVE OPTIMISM that we can do really well this year. From our personal point of view, there are two reasons why we should be able to get more than 20 gold medals. The first reason is that we are competing in front of our very own supporters. They will surely get more spirit from the supporters. The second reason is that we are able to make sure the BRIDGE is included in this Asian Games. Since BRIDGE is not being competed regularly, not many countries prepared their players well. We can hope to get at least FIVE gold medals from this branch alone!

We are REALLY SURE Indonesia can do really well in this massive event, Asian Games 2018. What about you?

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