Brave Girl with Superb Smile, and her name is Adel! | Adel’s Diary

July 18, 2018
Brave Girl with Super Bright Smile

So, the first day and second day was passed without any issue. How about the third day? Since I also cannot join my hubby to take our daughter to school, I have to let him have all the fun parts! And the best part about today is, she is super brave!

Adel is SO BRAVE!

Today, as we planned from Monday, we decided to let her inside the classroom by herself. My hubby still waited for her outside her classroom, but never make himself shown to her. He said he heard a lot of crying, screaming, and any other noise, but he was so sure Adel made no noise, at all. She was playing the lego calmly. Abled to ask her teacher to help her took her lunchbox, and she can eat everything inside the box without any issue.

She never tried to make any eye-contact to the outside of the class. Whenever the other parents went inside the classroom, my hubby was afraid she will check outside to look whether her father is still there or not. Apparently… NOT. She was so brave and so well-behaved.

My hubby was afraid she will check outside to look whether her father is still there or not. Apparently… NOT.


When the school time is over, my hubby was waiting for her outside. He said he has to made sure she didn’t feel abandoned and alone. She promptly asked her father to accompany her playing with the school playground’s equipment. Of course, he let her play! Looked happy and high-spirited.

She went home with her father happily, and for these first three days she learned one very important sentence! “I am tired, XXX”, which the XXX can be exchanged with daddy, mommy, or sister (her way to call our employee.) And whenever she said that she meant it. She will then took a bath, drank her milk, and went to sleep…

Writing this story makes me super happy, super proud, and super lucky to have her as our daughter. We really hope we can be great parents to her and her little sister. We really hope…

By Yunita

Aku adalah seorang istri dan ibu dua anak yang suka banget sharing tentang tips parenting, resep masakan yang mudah dan enak, review perlengkapan dapur, dan juga tips travelling bersama keluarga.

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