Adel and Her Father goes to School

After a very successful first day at school, today we have more confidence in Adel. Since I must go to work today, I have to rely on my hubby to take Adel to her school and wait for her.

From my hubby point of view about Adel

From his story, she was a really good girl today! My hubby let her do her things without any interruption. She played with her friends, listen to her teachers, and generally be a good girl.

One thing though, she was not do anything during breakfast time. She just sits still on her chair, and it forced my hubby to go inside the classroom and help her. Parents are allowed to accompany their child until tomorrow, which some of the parents really take their time inside the classroom for a whole class. Not my hubby. He was outside all the time, and only helped her when she needed guidance to take her breakfast and eat it.

After the breakfast time is over, Adel asked her father to stay with her until the end of the class. He just waited for her for at most THREE minutes and then stood still at the innocent and stay in a hidden corner of the class until the end. She was looking for him just for a while, cannot find it, and move on. At the end of the day, my hubby was waiting for her at the outside of the classroom and pick her up.

She was looking for him just for a while, cannot find it, and move on.

From Adel point of view about her school

She told me in the evening that she loved her school. Her school playground equipment was great and she likes playing with it. Her friends are friendly and her teachers are really helpful. She finished her meal and overall enjoyed her time there!

As always, we love everything she told us. We are really happy that she likes her school and likes her activities there. Thank you, all of you guys, who involved today, to make her day really lovable! Mommy and daddy really happy to see you happy, Adel. We hope you always enjoy your time there!

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