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WELCOME TO OUR BLOG School is Cool Mommy, I love It so Much | Adel’s Diary After a very successful first day at school, today we have more confidence in Adel. Since I must go to work today, I have to rely on my hubby to take Adel to her school and wait for her.... Read More

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CookingParentingOthersRelationshipTravelling Batuk Ga Sembuh-Sembuh? Yuk Bikin Minuman Jeruk Nipis, Obat Batuk Alami nan Mujarab! Oct 21, 2017 | 1 CommentBatuk ga sembuh-sembuh? Sudah coba beberapa obat dan masih belum sembuh juga? Yuk coba bikin minuman Jeruk Nipis,... Read More

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